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Looking to add square footage and value to your home? Don't build out, build down! Underpinning is a method commonly used to increase foundation depth and works to both extend living space and restore the strength of your current foundation. Underpinning is an intricate process that requires skilled experts and experience-- you'll find both in the CAMM Concrete team.


Affect Your Bottom Line

Underpinning is a cost-effective, less disruptive way to increase your home's living space and value.


Gain quality living space

Through underpinning, you will gain quality living space that can be converted into an office, finished basement or bedroom.


update your  systems

Underpinning creates a unique opportunity to update and improve old plumbing, wiring and insulation systems. 


Improve your structure

Underpinning provides an opportunity for your home to be upgraded to today's structural standards as well as repair damage caused by age, climate or water damage


Underpinning FAQs

Learn more about the underpinning process and whether your home could benefit! Have a question that isn't answered here? Contact us directly.


1. What types of homes and projects are good candidates for underpinning?

Homes with cramped ceiling heights in the basements (both detached and attached homes).

2. How long does underpinning take?

The project scope and timeline depend on the size of the home-- but for reference, an average-sized row homes take about two weeks of field work.

3. Is underpinning safe on historic or older homes?

Absolutely. Older homes are great candidates for underpinning. Based on the age of the home, a unique plan is created by a structural engineer designed specifically for that house.

4. How does underpinning strengthen or update my existing foundation?

Older homes were often built with outdated building practices and codes specifically as it relates to footings. Through the underpinning process the home will have a new foundation and footer that meets todays building practices and codes.

5. Does underpinning require planning permission?

As with all building permits, underpinning permits are subject to review by CHAP and PUD. The CAMM Concrete team has vast experience in dealing with planning permissions and other requirements. We will take  

6. How much does underpinning cost?

As you may imagine, every project is completely different based on factors like size, age and project scope. The CAMM Concrete team is more than happy to prepare a free estimate for you, contact us for more information!

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